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From eBay as of 2007/03/02.

Seller: cycclass
Location: Portsmouth Virginia, United States

Coda Magic Motorcycle Cranks & BB 175mm no rings nr

These cranks are in quite good condition except that the right arm has begun to delaminate where the seam runs down the middle of the arm. I believe this can be repaired with epoxy and by pressing the arm back together carefully in a protected vise. Bottom bracket and all hardware less the chainrings is included. Bearings feel fine.

Note the last image shows a manufacturing code of "C9HC 175.0 411 2". It is not clear how these numbers correspond to the recall date codes (see recall notice below).  

From as of 2007/03/02:


Re: CODA 900 mountain cranks

Cannondale has determined that some of the CODA 900 Compact Mountain (94/56mm BCD (bolt circle diameter), CODA 900 Standard Mountain (110/74mm BCD), and CODA 900 Standard Road (130mm BCD) left and right crankarms may be defective.

Some of these may split or separate at the adhesive bond line in the center of the crankarm. Unlike a fatigue crack in an all metal product, this "crack" will not grow slowly, but may fail quickly. This design is dependent upon both sides being properly bonded together, and a failure of this bond line could lead to crank failure with the risk of accident, injury, or death.

These crankarms and/or bicycles (1997 Super V3000, SuperV Downhill 4000, 1998 Raven 3000 and 4000) equipped with these crankarms as original equipment were made during a specific time. We ask that you check your aftermarket crank(s) and/or bicycle(s) equipped with these cranks. It is important that no one ride with these crankarms. They must be replaced.

The potentially defective crankarms have date codes between 7182 and 8214 (manufacturing dates from the 182nd day of 1997 through the 214th day of 1998). The date codes are stamped on the inside of each crankarm. Earlier or later date codes are fine.

Please check date codes on all CODA 900 crankarms. Any within the date code range must be removed and will be replaced by your Cannondale retailer at no charge.

Note that the chainrings, chainring bolts and bottom bracket are fine. These parts must be saved for use with the replacement crankarms.

Call 1-800-BIKEUSA for help with product identification or the location of your Cannondale retailer.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely, The Cannondale Corporation

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