VisionTech USA Integrated Aero Bar (recalled)

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From as of 2007/08/29 (dated 2005/07/28):

[...] VisionTech USA [...] recalled their four models of integrated aerobars, specifically the SuperMax, TriMax, TriMax Plus, and the Pro Integrated Bicycle Aero Bars. The hazard being "The centerpiece of these bicycle aero bars can crack or break, causing the bicycle rider to lose control and crash." The "centerpiece" being the stem. [...] [My client] experienced the failure last fall and initiated the recall. Fortunately, he was able to walk away from it (he can tell you all about what it's like sliding along the pavement at 28+mph a second or so after cruising along tucked in an aero position...). My part of the process was to compile report that would include my professional opinion as to the nature and cause of the failure as well as photos. These photos clearly show, even to the untrained eye, that there were inconsistent stem wall thicknesses as well as voids in the casting that contained silca sand, that is used in the casting process. Neither of these deficiencies should ever be present in a cast aluminum component so critical in nature as a stem. It's clearly not only a bad cast but also a very questionable design.... This photo shows the failure from the riders prospective...


Here's a closer view...


Here a photo from the front looking towards the steer tube clamp...


And finally, a magnified view of the impurities found in the casting of the stem wall (the white granular material is the silca sand and the larger "pebbles" is wax...)


[I]f you currently own a pair of these integrated bars, I highly recommend that you cease using them immediately. Spread the word.

From as of 2007/08/29 (dated 2006/10/19)

[...] This photo is of that latest failure that was brought to my attention: The result was acute contact with the pavement at 35mph. [X]

[...] here's a photo of my client's stem failure that resulted in the national recall by your company...

[X]   [X]   [X]   [X]  

Note also there is an apparently-intentional circular relief in the wall of the broken section on the handlebars, but there is no mating shape shown in the photo looking towards the steer tube clamp.

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