Mavic R-Sys Wheel Failures

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Mavic R-Sys failure after a crash during the Tour Down Under. From as of 2009/06.


Photo by Graham Watson. Probably taken during fall but may be getting up.

The wheel failed after the rider struck a plastic post, so some damage is expected. Here, the failure mode is catastrphic, whereas steel spoked wheel failures typically have damaged spokes and a warped but rideable wheel.

Mavic R-Sys failure after striking another bicycle's derailleur(?) at Pace Bend 2008/02. From as of 2009/06.


Again, after a crash some damage is expected, but typically a warped but ridable wheel rather than catastrophic failure .

R-Sys wheels were subsequently recalled. From as of 2009/06:

According to Mavic marketing director Sean Sullivan, changes are limited solely to the tubular carbon spokes which now use both unidirectional and multidirectional layers - the original ones were unidirectional only - plus "other enhancements" in an effort to increase impact strength and overall durability.

Visual changes are still rather subtle though, and include a slightly different surface sheen. However, Mavic has added three silver circumferential stripes to the rim end of each spoke for easier identification. Total weight is essentially unchanged.

"Other enhancements" is probably Kevlar down the center of hollow spokes, see FAIL-105.html.

See also FAIL-105.html.