Failed Look Ergopost 2Ti and 4 Seatposts

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Look Ergopost 2Ti carbon fiber "layback" seatpost. Failed at "bend" for layback. From as of 2010/03.

[look-post-ergo2ti-1.jpg]   [look-post-ergo2ti-2.jpg]   [look-post-ergo2ti-3.jpg]   [look-post-ergo2ti-4.jpg]  

Rider weight approx. 75-80kgf. Failed after about 2 years use.

Look Ergopost 4 carbon fiber "layback" seatpost. Replacement for above. Failed at "bend" for layback after less then 10 minutes riding.

[look-post-ergo4-1.jpg]   [look-post-ergo4-2.jpg]   [look-post-ergo4-3.jpg]  

The Ergopost 4 is reportedly listed as both a road and MTB post.

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