Rohloff Speedhub Flange Failure

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From and as of 2011/01.

Flange failure on Rohloff Speedhub:

[5189376261_30b77c3557_o.250.jpg]   [5189378309_786ac160c6_o.250.jpg]  
Noticed while riding: "It felt like a small puncture. I looked back. Tyre looked OK. Then I noticed the spoke flapping in the breeze. A broken spoke could easily be replaced but on closer inspection I saw the real extent of the problem. Inexplicably a piece of metal had spontaneously fallen off the Rohloff shell, the part where the spokes attach to."

Usage unknown. Appears to have at least 9,000 km loaded touring use. "I haven't had any impacts or accidents."

From as of 2011/01/18.

I've found two cracks in my Rohloff hub, both are on the same side and they are both where the spokes attach to the hub.

From as of 2011/01/18

No details provided.

[1036548307.jpg] as of 2011/01.


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