Seat Tube Break at Bottom Bracket –Ritchey Break-Away

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From> as of 2011/07.

Ritchey "Break Away", titanium frame. Seat tube failed at bottom bracket, at the weld.

[3647817107_5a9c6236e0_b.jpg]   [3648620328_e7bf6fa293_b.jpg]   [3647819903_f28d9212f7_b.jpg]  

Rider noticed poor handling. On examination, the seat tube was broken through. There was another frame noise that may have masked frame-break noises.

Service history unknown, but ridden vigorously in Colorado (hilly).

This joint is a (comparatively) common place for failure, including steel frames. This particular failure is in the heat-affected zone of the weld. Some frames use gussets here to better spread the load. It is not known if the tube was butted.

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