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One Rider, Four Cranks Failures

From as of 2012/08.

One rider, four failed cranks: Truvative Stylo, un-named square taper crank, Shimano Deore, White Industries.

[90157869_58ca47bd49.jpg]   [132536392_0b677a845f.jpg]   [132536368_a0c31359d1_z.jpg?zz=1]   [441827584_040601efdf.jpg]   [441829187_69e8da9140_z.jpg?zz=1]   [5454600810_8dc31cd2d8.jpg]   [5454600910_cce8b9b442_z.jpg]  

Service history unknown, but the rider has had various other significant failures — frames, etc.

The Truvative Stylo failed in the "vanity groove", similar to many other cranks with vanity grooves and in particular similar to this Truvative Stylo: FAIL-071.

On the un-named crank, darkening of the break area suggests the failure started at the "points" of the square taper hole.

On the Shimano Deore crank, darkening at the break area suggests the failure started at the outboard edge of the crank. It is unclear why. Though near the end of the crank, it is not obviously in a weld zone, and lmited discoloration of the paint suggests surface was not badly thinned or scored. It is likely a more "square" profile, similar to the back side of the crank, would give longer service life.

The White Industries crank failure origins are unclear.

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