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Trutative Elita crank separates from spindle

Cranks are commonly sold today as a right crank permanently fixed to the spindle. Here is an (SRAM) Truvative Elita which separated.

[loosecranky_0174.jpg]   [crankapart_01a.jpg]   [crankapart_02a.jpg]   [crankapart_03a.jpg]  

From rec.bicycles September 2012. The owner said the crank was loose on the spindle and the spindle was worn where the right bearing siezed.

Service history is unknown.

It appears the right bearing failed and siezed, although how this relates to crank separation is unclear.

Sometime a loose fit can be "patched" using LocTite™ or a similar product. However, if the crank is ridden loose it will get looser, and "patch" materials have aonly a limited ability to fill gaps, as they lose strength quickly with increasing gap.

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