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Custom Cycle Fitments  Bag & Bracket

From eBay item number: 261283027240 as of 2013/09, seller "horne4". The listing says in part:

Large-size Day Saddlebag with Quick-Fit Saddlebag Raising Fitment from Custom Cycle Fitments. This bag would be ideal for day touring or credit card touring, or to complement a classic 70's or 80's sport touring bike.

Custom Cycle Fitments was the cottage manufacturing and publishing operation of bicycle transportation authority and author John Forester and his partner, Dorris Taylor. The saddlebags were hand made in the USA from the late 1970's into the early 90's. [...].

The Large Day Saddlebag listed here is detailed on pages 2 and 3 of the catalog, and the Quick-Fit Saddlebag Raising Fitment for Plastic Saddles is described on page 6.

The accompanying pictures show the saddlebag and Quick-Fit Saddlebag Raising Fitment mounted both on a plastic saddle and on a Brooks without bag loops.

The bag has two compartments. The smaller front compartment, accessed from zippers at either end, is triangular in shape, tapering toward the seat-post attachment in order to avoid contact with the back of the thighs. The larger compartment has flaps which extend from both the back of the bag and the sides, and velcro together, to secure the load underneath the bag outer flap. There is also a map compartment on the top of the flap. The bag would be ideal for light credit card or day touring.

There are two items here: a large-size saddlebag and a bag rack, both from John Forester's Custom Cycle Fitments.

They are described further here (, as of 2013/09), cached copy here.

See page 2-5 for bags, 6 for the rack.

Bag is about 440 g, of which about 110 g is the support dowel; the rack is about 170 g.

Note the touring bag has a nominal capacity of 1060 in3 (17.4 litres), unclear if that is the main compartment only or both main and forward; and nominal weight 370 g. The "large" has a nominal main compartment of 610 in3 (10.0 litre) and 960 in3 (15.7 litres) total, and nominal weight 460 g. It may be the 370 g is a typo, and should be e.g., 470 g.

[$(KGrHqV,!rUFH4Eu2hRlBSCCV(W8E!~~60_57.JPG]   [$T2eC16d,!zEE9s3!Y88yBSCCU4PBWg~~60_57.JPG]   [$T2eC16V,!zQE9s3ssVw7BSCCU-d7bQ~~60_57.JPG]   [$(KGrHqF,!nsFHfLqpijoBSCCVEz8eg~~60_57.JPG]   [$T2eC16J,!)UE9s3wBohGBSCCVM76lg~~60_57.JPG]   [$T2eC16F,!)QE9s3HCoObBSCCVQrH9Q~~60_57.JPG]   [$(KGrHqV,!rUFH4Eu2hRlBSCCV(W8E!~~60_57.JPG]   [$T2eC16d,!)kE9s4,BMceBSCCVdtmf!~~60_57.JPG]   [$T2eC16R,!ykE9s7t)dVTBSCCVjqDMw~~60_57.JPG]   [$T2eC16h,!)0E9s37IeEoBSCCVsin)g~~60_57.JPG]   [$T2eC16J,!)8E9s4l5+pUBSCCVwKgnw~~60_57.JPG]   [$T2eC16VHJGQFFhv!iSDuBSC,rd!gww~~60_57.JPG]  

Like a Carradice bag, the bag is "hung" from a horizontal wood dowel, the straps go around the rack and dowel.

The forward compartment has zipper access on both sides.

The bag is made of urethane-coated nylon, which is nominally waterproof, but such coatings tend to peel and leak after a few years. Also, water may enter around the straps, which go through both front and rear compartments; the zippers are not water-proof; and the design has compromises for easy access that probably mean water will enter around the left and right edges in a heavy rain.

For comparison, many cyclists from the 1930's through today (2013) use Carradice bags. Here are the Foresster/CCF catalog listings along with catalog listings for some smaple Carradice 2013 products from

CCF modelcapcity (litres, nominal)weight (grams, nominal)
Day Standard12.6300
Day Large15.7460
Carradice modelcapcity (litres, nominal)weight (grams, nominal)
Lowsaddle Longflap15830
Nelson Longflap18Not listed
Super C23880