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Interdrive Crank

From and as of 2012/08. Photos copyright by Ronald Hagenauer. Text on the latter page says the bicycle was ridden in the 1989 Tour de France and the crank was reportedly made at about the same time by a German maker. A label on the crank shows "Made in Germany by DKT" but has no date.


Presumably the inventor's idea is you store energy during the earlier part of the downstroke, then get it back again in the later part.

There are at least two big problems with that idea:

In some ways, this crank simulates the bad effects of pedaling-induced suspension "bob", but without the benefits of suspension.

Note the crank has three springs, one with an adjuster nut. That one appears to preload the other two springs, so under light pedaling there is no spring compression. That should mean the crank wastes energy only under vigorous pedaling.

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