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Replaceable Derailleur Hangers

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From via as of 2017/12/09; and from via as of 2017/12/09.

Bad idea: replaceable derailleur hangers. No, not the basic idea, but rather the incredible range of incompatible designs.

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The basic idea is simple: your derailleur occasionally gets whacked, and it acts like a long lever arm on the frame, so whacking the derailleur can bend or break the frame. So instead, make a hanger which strong enough for normal use, but in the event of a derailleur whack, the replaceable hanger acts as a "fuse" -- it breaks, saving the frame.

But "the devil is in the details"...

So that said, I like replaceable derailleur hangers.

About maybe 10 of them. The other 440 should just go away.

Universal Replaceable Derailleur Hangers

In 2019, SRAM introduced the "UDH" or "Universal Derailleur Hanger". Designed to solve the mess above, it is available for anybody to manufacture royalty-free, has a suggested retail price of US$15,and will mount derailleurs from all brands (not just SRAM).

From,12546/Universal-Derailleur-Hanger-on-the-2020-Trek-Fuel-EX,131882/sspomer,2 as of 2019/09

This is a good direction, but it is not yet smooth sailing: