Parting Out

Three Flxibles being parted out, anything left goes to the dump.

No power packs but otherwise fairly complete. However, many parts are rusted, bashed, etc.

Will be parted out. Pick up, or parts shipped from near Sacramento, CA.

If there are parts you want, please let me know: bus-0099 <at> pardo <dat> net and I will try to find out if the part(s) are available and the condition. I will collect ``sealed bid'' offers -- no offer is too low, though depending on the price he may decide it isn't worth the trouble to pull the part.


If you don't see it, ask and I'll find out if it is there and what is the condition.

Key: ??? is ``not sure if there''; X==like new; G==normal wear and tear, no obvious defects; F==could be better; P==major defects. Also: + == ``or better''.