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From as of 2004/01 with no commentary. Appears to be a Race Face crank of unknown type and history.


A June 2003 post at by ``Bruce Edge'' says

I had the exact same thing happen to my next LP set. It took a while for what happened to sink in. Hmm, foot's off pedal, musta slipped out, Hmmm, can't seem to find pedal with foot. Damn, pedal's still on foot.

Another June 2003 post (by ``JD'', who posted a link to the picture orginally) says

[T]he crankset was 8 months old. To answer the [just riding along] question, I had just stood up to pedal up a short hill..jra.

A third June 2003 post by ``John Harlow'' says

A buddy of mine was "just riding along" when his bars broke due to fatigue. He's damn lucky to have a face now.

A fourth post by ``Pete Cresswell'' says

About two hours into a 3-hour ride, stopped to bum a cup of coffee and smooze with some people I know.

Got back on, started riding away, OOPS!....

Inspection of the break revealed dark areas around one side - indicating that there had been a crack there for long enough for the metal to corrode/discolor.

And my riding style is somewhere between extremely-conservative and just-plain-pathetic. A 10-inch curb is a big drop for me and I never jump the bike.

Now I check my cranks for cracks.

A fifth post by ``Klydesdale'' says

This is why I don't like black colored aluminum parts. It's much easier to see these stress cracks on polished aluminum and catch them before they fail catastrophically. After breaking a couple of crankarms, I've implemented a polish and inspect regimen for them as part of my regular maintenance.

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