Bicycle Photos From Jobst Brandt

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Fashion dominates cycling


Toy truck and fake sign

Fashion near Santa Cruz, CA. Jobst's bike in foreground, truck in background. Jacked up high... has no driveshaft to front wheels. The "single file" sign is a fake, as the real thing (a) includes the section number for the code; and (b) is on a post, not the fence of a private citizen. From as of 2007/12/13.


Many riders can climb steeper than they believe. Filbert Street, San Francisco, 1979. About 30% grade.


Jobst touring

Stelvio, 2008.


Jobst's double-acting pumps

[jobst-pump-concentric.jpg]   [PUMP_LG.jpg   [Double-barrel-LG.jpg        

Pressure relief on a Silca chuck to make it easier to remove. The "button" (blue) runs in a collar (purple) that is soft-soldered in to the chuck body.